What is the current security situation in Libya and how has that impacted business?

AL KOSHLY: All the time people ask, “What is the security issue in Libya?” I would like to tell you, to tell forth to the world, that we are in very good situation in Libya. Security matters in Libya are very good and growing better, day by day. Sometimes you might hear or watch Al Jazeera and see some problems in Libya, but after that we solve that. We have a very good social community, and with our people we solve that problem. You do not find that any problems continue for many, many days. Another thing is that the situation going back to normal and business is going back normal, including both the private sector and the public sector. There are many indications of that, if you are watching what is happening in Libya. We had a goods fair, an exhibition for oil and gas, and before that we held an international fair. Prior to this we also reopened the stock market. Next week we have a large conference in Benghazi for industry, the Arab-Turkish Industry Conference. At the end of this month, we have another big fair for rebuild Libya in Tripoli. Sometimes the media will inflate what happened on the ground. We are normal, we are working, and we are going to rebuild Libya. Another thing on this topic is that foreign companies that had been working in Libya have contacted Libya and have started coming back to Libya to do their business. Today we are here in Dubai attending this important conference for investment and we are talking about foreign direct investment in Libya. From this position, I ask all the foreign companies that have jobs in Libya to come back to Libya. Trust the media, but sometimes look to the facts, to what’s happening on the ground.