How would you describe the UAE’s investment in infrastructure?

MEHULA: The UAE has developed a 2030 plan and has put a lot of effort into where they want their vision to take them. They are systematically investing in the development to accomplish that vision. So they have a very pragmatic and coordinated approach to their investment.

What big projects are currently in the pipeline?

MEHULA: In terms of infrastructure, we are now working on the Etihad Rail project; there is an expansion of that rail project in the future. I just had a presentation with regard to the growth they are seeing in that regard as they continue to develop. We are working at the airports. The Abu Dhabi airport has an expansion program and that is continuing on, and there is also an expansion program in Dubai at the airport. So there are several large projects yet to come.

Where is the majority of your work coming from?

MEHULA: Most of our work right now is coming in Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi, like any business, is in the process of reprioritizing. They are taking a look at where they are going and where they are investing and reevaluating those projects coming out. Dubai has been slow, but they are starting to look at some additional projects that will be coming out. Most of our work at the moment is with the government sector as opposed to the private sector so I do not have much of a vision on where the private sector is headed right now.

How would you describe the speed of the growth and development in the UAE today?

MEHULA: If you go back 40 years, this was an entirely different place. The vision that they have created and the investment made here has really been remarkable. In that amount of time, it is amazing what has been accomplished here in the UAE. As I said they are going through a reevaluation process in Abu Dhabi to make sure they are investing in the right pieces and that is a standard process for any good business entity to look at.

How would you describe the economic and political stability here in the UAE?

MEHULA: I think the economic and political stability here is excellent and part of that is the vision that they have had and the diversification that vision is bringing about. That helps to give the economic stability as well as the policies and vision here with regard to the social climate. So the economic, social, and political climates are all very stable here.

What does the UAE need to do in order to bring in more foreign companies and more foreign investment?

MEHULA: I think that it’s important for any company coming into the UAE, or any other country, to know the process is going to be fair and equitable and that it is going to be a good and favorable climate for a business to endure and be profitable in. So, timely payments, all of the things that make doing business fair and equitable to the business, help to bring business to the country.