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Yemen Facts

  • 24.88 million Population
  • $33.68 billion GDP, current prices
  • $1,340.04 GDP per capita, current prices
  • 140th Global Competitiveness Index rankings
  • 118 Ease of doing business index (1=best)
  • 20.1 Country credit rating (100=best)
  • Yemeni rial Currency Unit
Yemen LNG spearheading natural gas sector in Yemen; represents nearly 25% of GDP
The Yemen LNG project has made a tremendous impact on the economy of Yemen since it came online in 2005. Having cost approximately $5bn, Yemen’s largest ever industrial...
Yemen LNG General Manager Jacques Azibert on the development of Yemen’s gas sector
Jacques Azibert is the General Manager of Yemen LNG. He spoke with The Prospect Group about the growth and development of Yemen LNG, the country’s security situation, a...