How important is it for local health regulation in the UAE to be aligned with international guidelines?

AMIN AL AMIRI: It's very important to understand that the United Arab Emirates is, as per the support of our Federal government, always behind updating our regulations. Such regulations and guidelines, which are being presented at the health services, are to accommodate the most updated international regulations and to make sure that we align with the international guidelines, to make sure that we align with the most improvements at the level of the health services.

And such regulation for sure will support foreign investments to the Emirates, will support the foreign companies to come and join us. We are trying to accommodate ourselves to be in a position that our regulations will align with international guidelines and our regulations will allow foreign investment here to work in our country with 100% ownership.

They will work in the free zone areas, and we'll provide them with fast, accelerated drug registration with fast registration for health professionals, doctors, nurses, other health professionals like pharmacist and their assistants. There are also regulations for the licensing of their hospitals and their clinics and health centers. All those regulations in fact will support the presence of international hospitals in the Emirates and also attract the most health professionals, doctors, physicians, and surgeons from outside to come and join us in our hospitals.

At the end of the day, the regulations are the base to attract the hospitals, the foreign companies, the pharmaceutical companies, and the medical companies which specialize in medical equipment and instruments, and to have their base here to support the MENA region and above the MENA region. Having such up-to-date regulations, which are in line with international guidelines, for sure will attract the international foreign companies to come and join us.

How is the Professional Qualification Requirements (PQR) policy enabling health professionals to come and work in the UAE?

AMIN AL AMIRI: In fact, we have implemented, not only the Ministry of Health, but also the Dubai Health Authority and Abu Dhabi Health Authority, as a joint together under the umbrella of our Federal government a new policy for the PQR, which stands for the Professional Qualification Requirements. It means that each single physician or any health professionals, they can log in while they are in their country.

You can log in to our system, submit your documents, take the exam while you are in you country and do the primary source verification and get your eligibility evaluation. Later, while you are still in your country, you can submit and seek a job here in governmental or private hospitals.

As soon as you get the contract, you just fly over on our beautiful airlines, the both Emirates and Etihad airlines. You can come to our beautiful country and immediately you can get the job with no headache, with no even any sort of single troubles that the others or you can face it if you would like to go and join other countries.

Everything is electronic. Everything is smart. You, as a health professional, you can follow up your file and submit through your smart phone. There is smart applications under the name of the Ministry of Health United Arab Emirates. This also applies to licensing. For instance, if you are licensed in one of the authorities, you are eligible to move on to any other cities at the level of the Emirates with the same license with very much flexibility. Everything is done electronically.

You can renew your hospitals license, your clinic, your pharmacy, your pharmaceutical factory, your medical store. You are licensed as a health professional and everything is online, pay online, renew it online, do it through your mobile phone.

This easy system, which has been implemented by our Federal Government, has been in a position to allow the people to live in peace here, to live in the Emirates and to love this country. There are many people which have been living here for more than 60 or 70 years. Two of their generations now are living here. The regulations which are being implemented here, it really allows the process for the prosperity of this country and the process of the improvements of different investment in different fields, mainly we are talking about the medical and pharmaceutical industry today.