How competitive is the car-rental market in Qatar?

KUMAR: The car rental market in Qatar is very competitive because in this small country there are 230 car rental companies operating. Also, all the car dealers out there have car rental divisions. Actually, this is illegal in other countries. But here in Qatar, they have the freedom to operate and their prices are cheaper than other companies because they are dealers. Still, Avis, with its international reputation and outstanding customer service, is the market leader.

What are the key driving factors behind the increase in arrivals into Qatar?

KUMAR: Qatar is the latest addition as a touristic destination and a business point. After the announcement of the 2022 World Cup, and the LNG exports, more people are coming to Qatar either for pleasure, for leisure, or for business. We hope that the coming years, even the coming decades, the world attention for developments are going to come here and the LNG exports. Qatar is the LNG capital of the world, the largest exporter of LNG products. After the 2022 World Cup announcement, Qatar is going to expand all the sectors of development in the country. The airport is going to expand, the transportation system is going to expand and the infrastructure is going to expand. As I said before, Qatar is the largest LNG exporter in the world. So LNG products and the LNG exports business will attract more international corporate clients in this country. Also, the expansion of Qatar Airways, a very connected service, is making Qatar as one of the number one destinations in the world. Qatar will attract more people in the future because of its culture, heritage, art and craft, and also the newly inaugurated Museum of Islamic History. Again, Qatar Airways is expanding to new destinations which will attract more tourists for pleasure or leisure or business.

What will be the most significant impact of Qatar winning the 2022 World Cup?

KUMAR: After the announcement of the World Cup, the country announced an investment of over QAR 750bn ($206bn). All the corporates around the world will be attracted to Qatar, to come here and to look what is going to be happening here, and to make contact with the concerned people here in Qatar. Also, the expansion of the airport and the high profile shopping malls and other developments are attracting more and more people. The most exciting thing is what is going to happen here in 2022. In this small country, the ruling family, the Emir, and the bidding committee, they brought this very achieving event to this part of the world, particularly for the people of Qatar.